In this video I talk about the old chestnut: When can “no refund will be offered” apply to a sale of a product or service on your website?

What does Australian Consumer law say about “no refunds”?

What are the Consumer Guarantees?

What have they got to do with applying a “no refund” policy?

I also share what options you have to make as a business owner to ensure you are selling legally and that you minimise the “request for a refund” situation in your business.

Remember if you are selling products or services from your website you need to have an E-Commerce Policy

Watch the video (7 mins)

To tell you whether you need additional legals for your website activities other than Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which cover customer visits to your website but does not address terms or sale of e-commerce, download my handy Website Legals Audit download.

You are also welcome to contact me directly to discuss your website legals.

Shalini x

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