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Lou Kozlevcar Podcast – Episode 021: Legal compliance in marketing: Prevention is better than cure!

In this podcast episode, I explore how I help companies with their contracts and agreements, highlighting a frequently overlooked aspect of establishing an online business presence: ensuring legal compliance. I emphasise the importance of maintaining consistency across your offerings, marketing materials, supplier relationships (where applicable), and legal documents. As we discover in this discussion, legal matters needn’t be overly complex; the key is to present communication and information in a manner that’s fair for all parties involved.

Women’s Network Australia Winter Edition – How to Bring Loved Ones Along on your New Business Journey

Starting a business can stir up emotions in those closest to you. While you’re thrilled by the risks and challenges, your loved ones may feel uneasy. How do you navigate this tension and keep relationships intact?

Read the full Women’s Network Australia article via the link.

Women’s Network Australia Feature – 5 Fundamental Details to Include in Your Service Agreement

Having worked closely with various service providers, I understand the undeniable significance of having well-drafted contracts in place. A small business service provider must be dynamic and constantly evolving, and it is easy to fall into the trap of informal agreements or handshake deals. However, relying on such arrangements can pave the way for expensive misunderstandings and disputes in the future.

Read the full Women’s Network Australia article via the link.

Her Business Featured Member – Shalini Nandan-Singh – Love Your Legals

“Accept that success takes time. Don’t ask how much time. Just be prepared to give yourself time at every challenge… you need time to learn, evolve, refine and implement.”

Beam Magazine – 5 Key Considerations for Successful Collaboration in Small Business

Business collaborations can be a brilliant way to leverage the skills, experience and network of like-minded people. Discover the five aspects you need to consider for successful small business collaboration.

Holistic Vision #09: Know Your Legal Requirements To Run Your Business Ethically

Today’s episode, titled “ Know Your Legal Requirements to Run Your Business Ethically” is with Shalini Nandan-Singh.

Drawing on more than 15 years of experience as a lawyer and a woman in business, Shalini Nandan Singh helps Australian service-based entrepreneurs protect their businesses and profitability with empowered legal advice and contracts. 

Kochie’s Business Builders – Excellent reasons why every business coach needs a coaching contract

As a business coach, you’ve invested time and money in your personal growth and coaching accreditations. You’ve worked hard to attract your ideal clients, and your reputation means EVERYTHING to you. But don’t let it all go up in smoke for lack of the concise communication of your terms of engagement that a coaching contract delivers, writes Shalini Nandan-Singh, founder of Love Your Legals.

Casual Conversations with Jahna Podcast #14 Learning to Love Your Legals

SPOTIFY LINK Join Shalini and Jahna on Spotify as they discuss all things legal, and the importance of reviewing all the legal aspects that you may need in business, including working in eCommerce, selling digital products and what legal templates you may need to ensure you are protected in your business.

Why an Influencer Agreement is absolutely vital for a successful partnership

KOCHIE’S BUSINESS BUILDERS Influencer marketing is big business. And with big business can come big pitfalls, especially if you don’t have an effective Influencer Agreement in place, writes Shalini Nandan-Singh, founder of Love Your Legals.

Empowered to Shine EP:17 The Importance of Contracts with Legally Shalini

Shalini Nandan-Singh was recently interviewed by the fabulous Leoni Bolt, on her podcast Empowered to Shine. Episode #17 covered everything from networking and niches to contracts and conditions. It’s an easy-to-digest, 38-minute episode full of value.

Check out the entire interview on YouTube.

How client agreements build better relationships

Shalini Nandan-Singh recently spoke with Lauren Stratford, Productivity Coach at Seriously Sorted. The discussion included: How to find the right legal professional; what to consider when purchasing legal templates online; the risks and rewards of country deals; and what to do if you do have a legal issue. Access the podcast via the link below from 16 June 2020.

The legal side of starting your business, and introducing a new product to market!

Check out my interview on Products to Profits with Sarah J Cross! In this podcast episode, I talk about the importance of contracts in your business, the best way to use a template, and how to seek advice with the legal side of your business.

You’ve Been Ghosted: The Rise of Business Ghosting


Shalini Nandan-Singh shares her perspective on the rise of ghosting in the business realm and how we can somewhat mitigate this issue around payments, proposals, and agreements. Although we can’t control ghosting, we can do the right thing from our end.

Making Empowered Decisions For Yourself


Drawing on more than 15 years’ experience as a lawyer and a woman in business, Shalini Nandan-Singh shares how she helps service-based entrepreneurs protect their businesses and their bottom lines with empowered legal advice and contracts. This episode shares Shalini’s story of how she came to be where she is in business today, and the way she works to help women build their business with confidence through making empowered decisions.

Why It’s Important To Be Interested In Your Business Legals


Shalini Nandan-Singh appeared on Nicole van Hattem’s podcast, ‘Hot & Healthy In Business’, to talk about why it’s important to be not just curious and ask questions about the legal aspects of our business, but to love our legals.

5 Ways to Love Your Legals

Hot and Healthy in Business Magazine, May 2019 Issue, Page 14

Shalini Nandan-Singh’s article addresses mindset around the legal requirements and processes in your business and identifies 5 ways meeting your legal obligations to yourself and your client improves your business and marketing.

Managing client expectations: the virtues of a contract

There are two things people remember about working with a business – the beginning and the end. You can give your client the best middle, but they won’t remember that. They’ll remember how they started the journey with you and how they finished. Given we only get one chance to make a good impression, it pays to put your best foot forward.

The Mediator/Diplomat Archetype

The Thrive Factor Book Series hosted by Shannon Bush, in this episode Shalini and a collection of other women share all about the Mediator Diplomat Thrive Factor Archetype and what it means for them.

“The Mediator Diplomat allows me to operate from a higher place and raises the bar for people in solving problems.” – Shalini Nandan.

Mums with Hustle Podcast Ep135 : WTF is GDPR

I recorded with Mums With Hustle Biz Club founder Tracy Harris to discuss the impact of GDPR on small businesses in Australia. We talked about:1. Think about your Privacy Practices – you do need one in every business
2. Is your private practice and privacy policy GDPR compliant?
3. Do you need to update your Privacy Policy?
5. Is your email marketing compliant with GDPR consent requirements?
6. Have you emailed your list about your Privacy Policy?

The Thrive Factor (Book) by Shannon Bush


Shalini is featured in Shannon Bush’s new book “The Thrive Factor” to share insights into the Diplomat/Mediator business archetype.

Business Mastermind with Dani Gardner


Shalini guest mentors in mastermind and online workshop groups hosted by business and marketing mentor Dani Gardner. Shalini presents on topics around small business legals, protecting yourself in business, and small business contracts.

GDPR Changes & How They Affect Small Business Owners

Are you ready for the new GDPR Regulations that came into effect on 25 May? These new regulations affect any of us who have people from the EU on our mailing lists as well as anyone on our list of unknown origin. To help you understand the implications watch the workshop with Shalini Nandan and Jennifer Ramsey on how to prepare for the GDPR.

GDPR Compliance for Small Business Owners

Shalini Nandan presents at the 2018 Heart Centred Business Summit hosted by business coach Tash Corbin on the topic of compliance for small business owners in Australia and internationally.
In this presentation Shalini covers:
What are the new GDPR laws?
What do the new GDPR changes mean?
What do you need to do as a small business owner to comply?

Embracing JOMO and Creating Leverage

As business owners, we’re often told that we need to be visible online all the time to get clients. However, all the work required to maintain such a presence can be draining leading to burnout.

I sat down with Renee Hasseldine on episode 63 of Leveraged and Loving It to share how I’ve been able to pull back from intense internet marketing through focusing on real life conversations and building a team.

Navigating Small Business Legals

Shannon and Shalini ask powerful questions like:

    • How can you prepare for legals in the early stages of business
    • Is the fee you charge properly structured?
    • What are the basic requirements for website legals?

They also discuss what exactly is a business – does a side hustle count and do you need legals for that? As well as when to get your legals reviewed and how – including keeping up to date with changes to, the law and how to handle debtors

It’s the ideal episode for any small business owner in Australia looking to better understand the basics when it comes to small business legals.

5 Tips For Start-Ups To Minimise Legal Issues & Risk

Shalini shares 5 tips to avoid legal problems when engaging coaches, consultants, website developers, graphic designers, or any other service provider to support you in your business with business coach Angela Henderson.

How best to protect your business online

Jo Bendle from the Wildy Successful Society interviews Shalini Nandan-Singh about how entrepreneurs can best protect themselves and their business online.

    • The importance of having legals in your business and when to invest in them;
    • What are website legals, why you need them and what to include in them;
    • How your legals are part of your customer education process.

How legals care for you and your business

If you find legal professionals intimidating or scary then this post is for you.

Shalini explains to the listeners of the Share Your Passion podcast how legals care. They care for you, your business and your clients and they teach you how to care about all three aspects too.

Heart-Centred Approach to Business Legals

Shalini has a love for the law but not for the traditional culture of the profession.

In this podcast Shalini describes how she uses the skills she has gained from being an entrepreneur in two countries with different cultures to provide a more heart-centred approach to the legal profession.

How to deal with legal issues without them draining your energy

Shalini is a guest on Jo Bendle’s mission to interview 40 woman who are at the top of their Game.

In this interview Shalini outlines how to deal with all of your legal issues without being drained by them and keeping the fun.

How to deal with legal issues without them draining your energy

Shalini is a guest on Jo Bendle’s mission to interview 40 woman who are at the top of their Game.

In this interview Shalini outlines how to deal with all of your legal issues without being drained by them and keeping the fun.