About Us


Love Your Legals is the love child of founder Shalini Nandan-Singh, a lawyer and advocate of solo and small business owners creating beautiful enterprises on their own terms.

Shalini founded Love Your Legals (formerly Legally Shalini) in 2015 from a desire to work with small businesses who faced the same lean startup and business building highs and lows that she did in her previous life in legal practice and small business in Fiji and Australia.

Born in Fiji, and living in Australia since she was 8 years old, Shalini has worked, lived and travelled between Australia and Fiji her whole life.

Since 2015  Love Your Legals, under Shalini’s watch and care, has provided legal support, advice, contract creation and legal templates for entrepreneurs setting out to change their own lives and that of their community.

Love Your Legals is all about helping people to see their legals as ‘business power tools’ that support growth and connection with clients, suppliers and community, rather than overwhelming blocks to business success.

We believe that your business legals should be an authentic extension of your business, creating positive business boundaries that support you in working with your clients with compassion and understanding.

Formal, confusing legal language should be a thing of the past.

Love Your Legals’ purpose in your business is to create tailored documents and provide advice and mentoring to make life simpler for you.

We design your contracts and policies to help you to run your business with ease and grace and for your clients to understand how best to work with you so you can help them to great outcomes.

With more than 15 years of Shalini’s small business legal and business experience behind Love Your Legals, we offer caring, practical and effective legal advice and services to online business owners just like you to ensure they’re informed, protected, and empowered to run great businesses that make them (and their clients) happy!

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