My brother and I are both lawyers, and we’re good ones too.  We both come from good hardworking migrant stock – our children are first generation Australians.  He and I are off the boat!
My dream is to have a hard hitting high profile law firm in Pitt St in Sydney.  Oh wait. No. That is my brother’s dream! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

My dream is to be a designer of re-purposed jewellery

My dream is to take the unusual, tacky, crazy-purchase moment jewellery I have collected from my travels over the years and pull it apart into individual components.
I want to play with these little parts and fashion them into amazing RE-PURPOSED WITH PURPOSE designs, with the hand, perspective and essence of the woman I am NOW.
I want to pull each piece apart, categorise them by colour, size and material, and store them in little jars of similar components.
I want to create magnificent Shalini pieces – one offs – and sell them for $300 apiece and have my designs featured in quirky magazines and exhibitions. I want there to be a waitlist for my new collection!

This is my dream
I think it about it every single day!

It’s a dream because I haven’t done anything about it.
Well, that’s not strictly true.  I did ask for and receive a Christmas present last year; a ticket to a jewellery workshop run by a lady in Redcliffe, Brisbane.
I decided at that workshop, attended by about 5 people, that when the time comes I will buy my tools and parts and bits and pieces for making the jewellery from this lady’s bead shop.
Her shop is a 35 minute drive from my home.  I can easily get those exact same tools and supplies from other stores only 5-10 minutes away, but I am going to travel and get them from her.
Why? Because I think SHE is SO brave to follow her DREAM and her PASSION, to have a bead shop, run jewellery workshops and to keep chipping away at whatever it is that is making HER happy.

I feel totally drawn to her energy, motivation and spirit.
I am in awe of her.

To open a shop with just beads in a little suburb off the highway into town – Who does THAT? Wow! That’s all I can say. Just Wow!

She deserves my respect and my business and I will travel across town to give it!

This is why I hang out with creatives.

This is why I have adopted those in this eclectic, diverse, colourful space online and in real life, as my tribe.

Law is not the easiest of professions.  Trust me, we do not come to our profession with creativity and heart space as a priority.
Creativity and heart-centeredness is beaten out of us at law school and then the demands of the legal professional industry take over.  We can and do lose sight of who we really are and of our dreams.

However in this space with the creatives,
I am able to return home to ME.

I am able to operate from a heart-centred space – where I look at things spiritually first and dip into my inner wisdom that I had forgotten was there, alive and waiting.

I  have rediscovered mingling in this tribe of Creatives, what I knew without a doubt as a child:

  • To be in a state of joy as opposed to an apparent reality or expectation of suffering and hardship.
  • To celebrate and harness my inner sense of abundance, creativity and generosity rather than taking on fear, and negativity and worry as a first option.

I do this now, this very minute as I write, because this is what I see played out every day in my tribe of choice.

And so I am able to make self-care, gratitude, welcoming abundance, the art of giving without expectation, compassion, empathy and kindness an everyday happening in my life as opposed to just an awareness of long forgotten or suppressed state of being.

Working with, for, and amongst creatives has changed me

It has helped me find a purpose to my legal training, it allows me to share my legal knowledge and experience and my life in ways I never thought possible.

I love being a lawyer, and I am great at what I do!

I am a Lawyer with a dream and I’m so grateful I get to share it with you.

Lots of love,