You have a website for your business right?

In the video below I talk about the key reasons why website legals are important for any business owner – including start-ups!

The main concerns that a good set of Website Legals (ie Terms of Use and Privacy Policy) cover are:

1. prevention of misuse of your website
2. protecting your beautiful content (and orginal) content
3. managing accounts (terminating)
4. limiting your liability
5. jurisdiction – where do issues get dealt with.

Website legals are important! #loveyourlegals

To help you I have created a Website Legals Checklist you can download too. Drop your details in the form below and you will be sent a copy of the checklist by email. 

Still need more guidance?  You can start with one of my templates, or contact me for a $97 Power Session to get you on the right track.

XX Shalini