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Webinar #2


Lets Talk About…

Client Agreements

10am Wednesday 17th August 2016


So lets be honest, which one are you?  The Ostrich, Chameleon or Squirrel?



“I’ll just pretend I don’t care but really I’m a bit freaked out”

chameleon web 2


“I’ll just copy and paste someone else’s”

squirrel web


“I just won’t work with anyone yet”

Client agreements can be a tricky thing to navigate when you provide services online, particularly when you’re just starting out.

The reality is, that whether you don’t have them, or you’ve copied someone else’s… you really are not alone. As an online service provider, avoiding client agreements, or just using someone else’s can open you up to risk that really isn’t necessary.

The good news is, that with a bit of guidance you can establish a gorgeous client agreement with LOVE that meets your needs and reflects your business, whilst minimising your risks.

Lets get you sorted!

Join me for 30 minutes – YES!  Just 30 Minutes

You will learn:

  • the key reasons your existing client agreement might not be the right fit for your business
  • the core elements of a client agreement and how to establish your position within each
  • how to move forward without having to spend thousands on legal advice and creating 47-page agreements that scare off your potential clients.

NAIL your Client Agreements!

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