Your Business Terms and Conditions and your Marketing Messaging are more connected than you realise!

Think about your marketing messaging and your target market or ideal client. In compelling copy, you are speaking to your client about:

  • the problem you solve,
  • how your beautiful business came about,
  • who you are in your business,
  • why they should work you, and importantly
  • the value you provide for the amazing life-changing services that you offer.

Your business terms and conditions also speak to your clients about your business.  Drafted properly with care and thought about how you do business, your marketing and messaging copy provides the context for business terms and conditions that will represent your business accurately and resonate with those that have made the important decision to work with you.

Tips to align your business terms and conditions with your marketing and messaging.

  1. Make sure you are actually delivering what you are promising in your marketing and messaging.
  2. Brand your business terms and conditions with your logo and chosen font.
  3. Include a section that provides a short background to your business to remind clients and customers of what you do and how your service benefits those who work with you.
  4. List and describe accurately your core services (and fees) in your business terms and conditions and ensure that this is consistent with your messaging on your website and Facebook page.
  5. Reserve the right to change fees and costs.
  6. If your messaging is promising fast efficient service then explain expected delivery times in your business terms and conditions
  7. If your sales page or service is all about offering an intensive and tailored service to the client that requires detailed knowledge of their business, ensure that you clearly state what is expected of the client in providing information, input, materials, time etc to enable you to produce the outcome you have promised.

All of this PLUS the legal terms to protect your service and give you peace of mind will make your Business Terms and Conditions aligned with your marketing message and allow you to show up in the marketplace with confidence.

If you have a question about where to start with creating your Business Terms & Conditions, you can get started with my small business legals bundle, or book in a time to discuss it with me here.

Shalini x