Legal FAQ’s

Who are the legal templates suitable for?
Our DIY legal templates are suitable for coaches, creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses within Australia.
Do I need custom drafted contracts?

If your business has a complex structure and complicated transactions, custom drafted contracts and documents will ensure all bases are covered. Book a free consultation to see if custom drafting is for you.

What do I do with my template?

Once you have purchased your template, you will receive a link to download it as a Word document. You simply fill in the highlighted fields referring to the user guide, and save as a PDF. Your document is then ready for use – to be uploaded to your website, attached to your quote or proposal documents.

How long will it take to complete my template?

Our templates are straightforward and easy to use, and can be completed within 10 minutes. You will need your ABN, so make sure you have that to hand

Can you review a contract I already have?

Sure! Check out the information on the Legal Contract Review page.

How long can I access my templates for?

Please download the templates IMMEDIATELY and keep a master copy in case there are future amendments that impact your templates, such as legislation changes.

The templates are limited to 5 downloads and the access will expire 14 days after purchase.

Access limitations act as a security measure to track copyright abuse and encourage customers to download the documents immediately and save them in their own files for when they are ready to use.

This way you also have the template for life should there be a change in ownership, structure or direction in the service. 

Do I need to keep the copyright information in the footer of the template?
Yes. Copyright in all templates is owned by Love Your Legals as the creator. A forever and non-exclusive license is provided to you for use of our templates for your business only. 
The copyright notice indicates where ownership of copyright lies and it is illegal to remove a copyright notice from any document or image that contains a copyright notice.
What is the relevant juristiction I should insert into my contracts?
The relevant jurisdiction is the State (courts of law and tribunals ) where you want any issues or disputes handled. 
This could be where your business is registered OR where you currently live or operate your business. 
For example, if you live in Victoria,  the relevant jurisdiction (for your convenience) would be the State of Victoria. 
Once the terms of use are on my website, is it necessary to have a “we use cookies banner” or cookies opt-in functionality, or is the terms of use sufficient?

If you are using cookies (which most if not all functional websites do) then you will require cookies opt-out plugin or a cookies banner that provides a link to the Privacy Policy which contains the cookie policy.

Do contracts need to be signed as a physical copy?

Generally yes. Contracts need to be signed and a copy of the signed document returned to you.  You may provide the contracts for signing physically or electronically.  In some cases, you also need to sign the contract.  

Terms and Conditions need acknowledgement so generally, your Terms have to be drafted to explain that certain types of conduct will mean acceptance and the terms are binding. For example a Tick Box Agreement on your booking page or on your checkout page prior to payment.

Is it possible to ask someone to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement after the working relationship has commenced?

While it is common to request an NDA be signed by a service provider prior to a discussion about working together, it is not uncommon to request they sign an NDA after a working relationship has commenced.  It is likely to require a conversation to introduce the requirement for an NDA.

Should I have my coaching service agreement on my website or can I send it to clients once they have booked in a session with me?
You need to make sure your client is aware of the Coaching Agreement prior to payment so it is recommended that the Agreement is a tickbox agreement if they are purchasing sessions from your website or included as an attachment to your invoice. 
If you are attaching your invoice to an email – please advise your client of the attached Coaching Agreement and that they should read it as it contains important information about working together. 
How do I find my local government or judicial mediation body, as mentioned in the coaching agreements?

This information can be found by contacting the Local Business Association or Law Society in your State.  You can do an online search for mediation bodies in your state.  Generally, accredited mediator contacts can be obtained through the Law Society of your State or through the local business association.  Each state has different bodies which provide mediation support. 

Do I need repeat clients to sign a waiver every time, and do I need to provide them with a copy?

Waivers are personal and signing is best practice. Repeat clients only need to sign once unless they engage in another service not covered by the waiver. Ideally they should be provided a copy. A scanned copy or photo image to their email address is sufficient.

Do I need to register a business name, or can I simply choose a name and start trading by it straight away?

At a minimum, you should register for a business name, which you can do via ASIC. We recommend getting advice from an accountant for specific business structure set up.

At the bottom of the agreement, there is room for the client to sign and date. Should I not also be signing and dating the contract? Does that not count if the contract is coming from me?

You can add a signature line for yourself.   The document is drafted to be used as a tick box agreement for online bookings or an attachment to a proposal or a quote.  You can add a signature and date section for your client as it is a template. 

Although providing the document to your client and the client conduct in paying you and proceeding with the sessions also amounts to acceptance of terms. You do not need to sign your own terms. 

Coaching Agreements - If I do my work diligently and with proper care and skill according to the agreement, will this contact stop a client from taking legal action? (Specifically, related to the 'warranty and indemnification clause)

The ‘warranty & indemnification’ section will not protect against legal action entirely. A customer or client can take legal action if you breach Service Guarantees under Australian Consumer Law. please see

Coaching Agreements - What do I include in the contract's dispute resolution section? Any party may refer the dispute to mediation by a mediator appointed by <insert name and location local government or judicial mediation body. This information can be found by contacting the Local Business Association or Law Society in your State. >.

To complete this section, you can do a Google search for the relevant law society in your State or small business mediation body in your local or state government.

Terms and Conditions - What do I write in the Advice Disclaimer section?

The Website Terms and Conditions template includes a clause regarding advice disclaimers. In this section, if you are a coach, for example, it may be appropriate for you to say that your advice is not to be construed as financial or medical advice.

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