Starting Your Business

A common question that I am asked, and one that pops up when people are first starting out on their entrepreneurial journey, is what 5 things should I do when first starting my business? There are so many aspects to starting your business, from accounting, to marketing, to business legals, to sales, even down to the small details of organising your own workspace and desk, that it can feel like you are participating in an endless game of tug-of-war.

So here are my 5 top tips for start-ups.

1.Don’t be scared to start your business

You have thought about this, you are good at what you do, so place some trust in yourself that you can do this…and…be great at it! Don’t let limiting beliefs stop you in your tracks, keep powering through with the vision of succeeding and it will happen.

Every now and again I have a conniption and a meltdown, because I think, “oh my god, how am I going to compete with all the other big firms and lawyers doing business legals. It’s just all so complex and I’m such a simple animal.” However, when I start comparing myself, I then remind myself why I am in business. It gently pushes me in the right frame of mind, especially when I think that people come to see me because I am not like everybody else, I have my core focus to help online entrepreneurs and I love what I do.

Self-doubt doesn’t benefit anyone, so you are better off staying positive and focused.

Self-doubt doesn’t benefit anyone

2. Don’t be scared to ask questions

This is the fastest way to gain knowledge and gain rapport with online colleagues. Ask questions to people like myself, and people outside the marketing field. If you have a business question or finance question, just keep asking until someone helps you, because there are people out there that will.

Ask Questions Speak Up

3. Take a moment to check out consumer law

There’s no need to delve into the nitty-gritty of consumer law as you are probably too busy, however, it does pay to know the basics. You only have to type in consumer Law Queensland or consumer law Australia, and there’s a wealth of information.

Have a look and spend a few moments learning the basics.

4. Educate your clients

Educating your clients is a very important step. It sets the tone of your business relationship. Teach them how to interact with you.

There is no such thing as an ideal client; you have to create, you have to educate, you have to groom your ideal client.

It’s like when we give birth to children. We raise them and the adult they become depends on how we treat them, educate them, and it’s also the environment we provide.

Business is the same. Your clients will only become your ideal clients after you’ve done a bit of work educating them. You do that through your marketing and through your business legals.

Educate Your Clients

5. Just Keep Going

As an entrepreneur, we can get really busy, so busy, but you just need to keep going.

Swim in your own lane, don’t look left or right, just keep going.

Stay focused, push through any barriers, and if you really want to, you will do it!

just keep going

If you would like to chat about your business, you are welcome to book a free 10-minute conversation and together we can set you on the right path to achieve great things in your business.

Shalini x

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