A new financial year is here! So, I took some time to reflect on my business, remembering where I started and reframe how I am feeling about the next 12 months.

Back in 2016, I did my first of two webinars on legal for start-ups (“Do I need legals for that?”).  From that webinar and some business coaching, Legally Shalini became a service.

Of course, I had some fears back then. Things like:

  • People don’t like lawyers
  • People find legals boring, unnecessary and a waste of money
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I’m not good enough / don’t know enough
  • No one will buy my service
  • I am not techy enough for an online business
  • Other people do it better

Fast forward to July 2019 – the new financial year

As a result of my business reflection, I realised I have progressed since those early days.  Most of those fears are gone or very well managed, meaning I no longer believe those stories.

What is real and evidence-based today is:

  • It is still a challenge finding time to get anywhere near what I need to get done to grow the business more than just on a wing and a prayer.
  • I know plenty – more than enough, in fact – to provide what clients need (and then some!).
  • I’m great at what I do and sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t – and that’s okay. I am definitely good enough to create a service and run it and be good at it and appreciate myself for keeping on despite all the wobbles.
  • It’s okay to outsource slides, workbooks, and website etc. These things are not my zone of genius and I can support another solopreneur who loves doing what I do not.
  • My team can look after my website, social media, bookkeeping and admin – UP TO A POINT.

Start-Up Phase – Take Two

As I contemplate growing Legally Shalini in the new financial year, I feel like I am in start- up all over again.

My fears about my online business today are different and I have reframed them for myself to help me see my way clear.

Fear:  Trusting others to help run my business as key internal trusted peeps
(i.e. OBM and another legally qualified contract writer and legal advisor for my clients who are very special people).

REFRAME: There are people who would love to help me and deliver service to my clients exactly how they need it to be delivered.

Fear:  I am nervous about rebranding because I fear clients will not like speaking to anyone other than Shalini because of the Legally Shalini branding.

REFRAME: Clients will understand and appreciate that Shalini has a well-trained team supporting them and that they can still talk to Shalini whenever they need to.

Fear:  When I train someone to draft and operate like me, they will want to create a business just like mine.

REFRAME: When someone works with me, they will love my work and of course they will want to do something similar and that is OK – in fact its more than OK – there is enough work for everyone and everyone delivers in their own unique way. Businesses grow when you trust and share.

Fear: I don’t have the ability or capacity to create templates for my template shop that I know needs to be there.

REFRAME: I have the ability to create any template my clients require for my template shop (I already have the shop and a number of templates) and the time and space will present itself for more when I am ready.

Fear: I won’t be able to afford to do all of this:

  • re-brand
  • expand my team
  • build more legal templates
  • increase marketing $$$ to take my service into the big wider world

REFRAME: I can plan a staged implementation of all the steps I need to grow my business. It will happen in good time and the opportunities will present themselves in perfect timing FOR ME.

Serving my clients

Many of my clients feel as I did in 2016, swinging between feeling excited or losing their mind! Creating a service and working out the nitty gritty details of messaging, niching and marketing and managing shitty fears and self-doubt.

I work now almost exclusively with people who are going through what I went through from idea to start up and beyond, providing legal advice and contract drafting services.

I am sharing because my path and development mirror those of the people I love working with – solopreneurs who are the face of their business.

The struggle is real and I get it.

Keep swimming in your own lane. You will get there.

Love, Shalini.