Event Speaker Agreement Template


This Template is for use by Event Hosts, Event Organisers, or Venue Owners who are engaging a Speaker to speak at your event.

A fill-in-the-blanks Event Speaker Agreement for Event Hosts to use with Event Speakers so that all of the requirements and provisions of the arrangement are clear between both parties.

This is ideal for online or in-person events, paid or free events.

This Speaker Agreement Template comes with explanatory notes on how to fill in the contract to suit your event.



This Speaker Engagement Agreement Template is for use if you are an Event Host or Venue Owner and you are engaging a Speaker to speak at their event.

A Speaker Engagement Agreement is a written contract between you and a Speaker for speaking services (conference keynote, workshop, seminar, summit) at an online or in-person event,
organised by you, the Event Host.

This Speaker Engagement Agreement Template outlines all of the most important terms the business and legal relationship between you and the Speaker and includes relevant legal clauses.

Many speakers are business owners and speak professionally at different events based on their zone of genius or subject matter expertise. This Speaker Engagement Agreement Template can cover any topic area.

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This contract template has been lovingly created by an Australian lawyer to give you the protection your business requires without the expense of a done-for-you service.

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