Parental Consent Form For Children/Minors Template


Discover our streamlined Parental Consent Form for Children/Minors Legal Template for Australian photography and video-related small businesses. Instantly downloadable, this template offers a perfect blend of customisation, ease of use, and compliance with local laws, making it an essential asset for any service involving minors where photography or videography may occur. Whether you run a sports club or an educational institution, organise events, or host other activities where minors may be photographed, this template is tailored to fit most small business needs.


  • Fully Customisable: Easily adapt our template to match your specific service or activity requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your business operations.
  • Easy to Understand: Crafted with clarity in mind, our template uses simple language, making it straightforward for parents and guardians to understand and consent.
  • Instantly Downloadable: Access our template immediately after purchase, allowing you to implement it into your operations without delay.
  • Compliance Focused: Rest assured that your consent forms meet the latest Australian legal standards to help safeguard your business against potential legal complications.
  • Versatile and Efficient: Our template’s adaptable nature makes it suitable for many businesses, promoting operational efficiency and saving you valuable time and resources.

Elevate your business’s professionalism and streamline your consent process with our Parental Consent Form Legal Template. Achieve compliance, efficiency, and peace of mind with just a few clicks.

Our legal templates are easy to understand, simple to edit and available for immediate download! Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an editable WORD document download and EXPLANATORY NOTES  on using and completing each template, plus 14 days of basic EMAIL SUPPORT for this template.


This legal template has been lovingly created by Love Your Legals (Australian-based small business lawyers) to give you the protection your business requires without the expense of a custom-done-for-you service.

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an editable download and explanatory notes on using and completing the document to customise the Parental Consent to your needs. Just fill in the blanks and ensure parents and guardians electronically or physically sign it.

Be sure to save your files somewhere safe. For security reasons, the templates are limited to being downloaded five (5) times and are only available within 14 days of purchase.  You can always contact us if you need more for any reason.

You can request support for basic enquiries for 14 days via

You can also review our FAQs here. Consider upgrading your templates with our customisation option to perfect the template for your business. Book your customisation upgrade here.

If you are unsure if this template is right for you, please email us, and we will be happy to point you in the right direction regarding what your business needs.

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