New Age Practitioner Agreement


Are you a holistic healer, life coach, spiritual advisor or other new-age practitioner? Protect your business with this comprehensive New Age Practitioners Agreement.

This professional legal template allows you to clearly define the terms and conditions for providing your mind-body-spirit services to clients. The agreement covers key provisions such as:

• Client responsibilities and conduct requirements

• Payment details and rates

• Rescheduling and cancellation policies

• Liability limitations and waiver of claims

• Confidentiality terms

• Intellectual property rights

• Termination grounds

Written by Australian small business lawyer Shalini Nandan-Singh, this agreement allows you to establish clear boundaries and safeguard your business interests when working with clients.

You can easily customise the template to include your own branding, pricing, inclusions, and more. Comprehensive instructions are included to guide you through each section.

Don’t risk potential disputes or legal issues—use this reliable template to get your client agreements in writing from day one. Establish trust, professionalism, and legal protection for your new-age practice.

Download now and give your spiritual business solid legal footing.

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Why is a New Age Practitioner Agreement Essential for Your Practice?

As a holistic healer, spiritual advisor or complementary therapy provider, protecting your business interests while maintaining trust with clients is paramount. Your services aim to promote wellness, enlightenment and personal growth. Still, certain practices also carry inherent risks and responsibilities that need to be clearly defined and managed. This is where a comprehensive New Age Practitioner Agreement becomes an essential foundation for your successful practice.

A New Age Practitioner Agreement serves as a crucial legal contract that outlines the terms, conditions, policies and disclaimers surrounding the services you provide. By having clients review and sign this agreement, you ensure transparency and establish clear boundaries that safeguard both parties. This open communication fosters professionalism, trust and long-term credibility for your business.

Here's why a New Age Practitioner Agreement is an indispensable tool:

🔐 Set Clear Expectations: The agreement allows you to comprehensively describe your services, client requirements, pricing, cancellation policies and more. Spelling everything out upfront prevents misunderstandings down the road.

🛡️ Limit Liability: The agreement includes liability disclaimers and risk acknowledgements that reduce your exposure in case of any unintended outcomes from treatments. Clients confirm their responsibilities.

✨ Demonstrate Professionalism: Implementing a detailed, legalistic agreement positions your business as ethical, responsible and professional. It shows commitment to best practices.

⚖️ Establish Client Boundaries: The agreement allows you to enforce codes of conduct and define intellectual property rights, confidentiality terms and grounds for termination when necessary.

🚀 Save Time & Money: Our full-featured agreement template saves you from having to draft a customised legal contract from scratch or pay hefty legal fees.

Designed specifically for New Age practitioners like yourself, our user-friendly template walks you through every component that needs to be covered, from fee schedules to confidentiality clauses. Simply follow the instructions to easily customise it to your business's specific needs and branding.

Don't leave your services open to potential disputes or legally questionable scenarios. Invest in a New Age Practitioner Agreement today and establish a foundation of transparency, security and professionalism with your clients from day one.

Remember, when your clients are comfortable and protected, your business thrives.

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Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an editable WORD document download and EXPLANATORY NOTES on how to use and complete each template.

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I used the Coaching Agreement template by Love Your Legals, and it's a really great template. It came with an instructions page as well as very easy instructional boxes on the template with prompts to add your own details in. It took me about 40 minutes to put together, and done; I have a working legal document! The formatting of the document and the areas you need to fill in are done really well and are very obvious so you won't miss anything important. So far, I've felt a little worried about getting this type of document, but now I feel a lot more confident. Yulia, Madam Wealth.