Have you crafted a beautiful online course?
Are you ready and excited to offer it to your tribe?

Before you do, you need Terms & Conditions to ensure your ideas, content and business are protected.

Every successful and professional online course and program has thorough terms and conditions to educate course participants about the course.

Terms and conditions usually include:

  • How the course is delivered
  • How content is managed
  • How payment, refunds and dispute resolution processes are managed
  • How your intellectual property is protected
  • What course participants must commit to for a successful outcome

    And much more!

As a lawyer who loves helping small business owners thrive without risk, I skilfully draft customised Terms and Conditions for each of your unique online programs or courses.

Customised terms and conditions will ensure

  • that your course participants will be better prepared for completion
  • your online course will not become a shiny object (unfinished course) statistic.
  • Requests for refunds will be minimised
  • Your intellectual property is protected
  • You are professional in your offering

Professionally Drafted Terms & Conditions

Membership Site / Program $550

Online Course or Program from $770

Retreat Terms & Conditions from $770

Get your online course or program Terms and Conditions sorted now, and ensure your business and ideas are protected.

Are you unsure of whether you need T&Cs for your online challenge, course, program or membership?

Are you clear on what you need to include in your T&Cs?

Book in for a free chat to clarify what you need legally to ensure your challenge, course and/ or membership will run smoothly, your participants know what to expect AND so that you can rest assured that your business is protected!