A popular topic for online entrepreneurs at the moment is LEGAL CONTENT.

Content creation, content marketing, content strategy, content upgrades, blog content, social media content… and the list goes on, but i’s all legal content…

Any piece of writing, video, graphic or documentation that:

  • talks about your business
  • represents your business
  • describes what you do

Is classified as content, and what I would like to point out is that our business legals – especially our client agreements – are also content. Business legals are important pieces of content that just show up in a different way.

Business legals should not be left at the bottom of your never-ending to-do list. Nor should they be perceived as scary or hard-work.

In fact, I want to tell you how to make the process of creating legal content for your business mindful and easy. I want your legal content creation process one that comes to you with ease and grace.

Now mindful, ease and grace are probably not words you currently associate with business legals, but I am here to help you make them so.

What I would like to say to you from the beginning is that trying to avoid over-legalising your business should NOT be avoiding having business legals altogether. You do need to have agreements in place regarding the relationships that you have. Let me explain…

Mapping Out Business Relationships

Business relationships such as those with clients, suppliers, financiers, collaborators, staff, contractors, website visitors, customers, Facebook group or forum participants, students etc. All of these interactions mean that you have a relationship of some kind with another party.

Each of these business relationships have rules.

They have terms and conditions.

They have expectations.

Having the relationship outlined in an agreement allows all parties or persons to have a shared understanding of the relationship.

It is very important that you have details of these relationships encapsulated in writing somewhere so that it can be referred to. Having an agreement in place helps you quickly and easily diffuse confusion, answer questions and manage problems that may arise with confidence.

So where do you start?

Legal Content Made Easy With Mindfulness

All of your policies and agreements are essentially about YOU. They are about how YOU do business.

The first place to start when navigating your way through your small business legals is to be really mindful about your business. To think about each step of the process, and contemplate how it feels and what that experience looks like.

The things that I find most useful to consider, and the questions that I guide my clients through, are:

  1. Look carefully at the relationship with your BEST CLIENT of recent times. 

    Not your best friend or someone you did complimentary work for, a paying client that didn’t know you personally before buying from you.

    What made the working relationship a feel-good relationship?
    What made the arrangement smooth and easy?
    How did they behave?
    What was your process and methodology?
    What worked for you?

  2. Review your experience with your most DIFFICULT CLIENT.

    What didn’t work in that arrangement?
    How did they behave?
    What made this relationship hard?
    What did they ask of you that made the process difficult?
    What should you have told them before they engaged your services to avoid this type of interaction?
    What boundaries do you wish you had implemented from the beginning?

  3. Simplify your payment processes

    The easier and simplified your payment process is, generally speaking, the easier your relationship will be.
    Consider your payment process for a moment.

    Is it easy to navigate?
    Is it easy to use and understand?
    How many steps are involved from start to completion of making a payment?
    Can you simply the process?
    Can you describe the process quickly in easy to follow language?

Answers to these questions are unique to you and your business.

These answers create the foundations for your legal content.

They capture what works, what doesn’t work, and articulate how YOU want to do business.

Your legals are your platform for negotiation and keeping business operations streamlined and on track.

No legal template can give you that.

Get creative with your business legal content

  • Make them colourful.
  • Incorporate your branding.
  • Add beautiful graphics.

Making your policies and contracts eye-catching can make the documentation side of business so much more fun!


As always, if you need any help with creating or formalising your business legals or client agreements, book in a time to chat or get started with one of my checklists.

Shalini x