Australian Business Terms and Conditions Template

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Small Business Terms and Conditions Template Australia

You might be in a situation where you own or operate a business in Australia, and you need to draft terms and conditions in accordance with Australian consumer law for your customers’ use of your website or online business services. You may also need an Australian terms and conditions template if you are entering into a contract with another Australian business.

In any case, it is important to make sure that your terms and conditions are compliant with local laws. Love Your Legals founder Shalini Nandan-Singh has developed DIY legal template resources to help you draft an effective and legally binding Australian terms and conditions template for your business.

Our online store makes it easy to ensure that your small business is protected, and our small business terms and conditions template (Australia) ensures that your customers are fully informed of their rights, responsibilities and consumer guarantees.

When do you need an Australian Terms and Conditions Template?

Any business that sells products or services needs to have a set of terms and conditions. This document outlines the rules that customers must agree to in order to make a purchase. It also covers the rights and responsibilities of both parties under applicable law, as well as what will happen if there is a breach of contract.

Without these terms in place, businesses would be at risk of being taken advantage of, or of customers making false claims about the quality of their products or services. In addition, having a clear set of terms and conditions can help to avoid disputes and misunderstandings down the line. For businesses, then, having terms and conditions is an essential part of operating legally under governing law and protecting themselves from liability.

About our Australian Terms and Conditions Template

DIY legal templates are an easy and affordable way to get the legal documents you need without spending a fortune on a lawyer. Simply choose the template that best suits your needs, edit it to reflect your specific situation, and print it out. Our Australian terms and conditions template is legally binding, so you can rest assured that your rights will be protected.

Additionally, each of our templates comes with easy deletable instruction boxes and 14 days of email support in case you have any questions or problems. With DIY legal templates, there’s no need to spend a fortune on legal fees. You can get the legal document templates you need at a fraction of the cost.

Terms and Conditions Template Australia – tailored to your business

Every business is different, and as such, will have different terms and conditions that apply to their products and services. Some common terms and conditions that businesses need to consider include payment terms, confidentiality agreements, warranties, and disclaimers to limit liability.

For example, many businesses will include a section on liability in their terms and conditions website template, specifying that they are not responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur as a result of using their products or services. They may also include a section on intellectual property rights, stating that all content on their website is protected by copyright law. Additionally, businesses may choose to include a section on payment, providing visitor and customer information on how payments should be made and what methods of payment are accepted.

Of course, every business is unique, so it’s important to customise your legal document template to fit your specific needs, whether it’s an Australian terms and conditions template or any other document. But with minimal effort and Love Your Legals support, you can help ensure that your business relationships get off on the right foot – and stay there.

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Website Terms and Conditions Template Australia

When you shop in a physical store, the terms and conditions of sale are usually displayed prominently. The same is true of websites selling online, but there are some important differences to be aware of when dealing with a website terms and conditions template (Australia). For starters, website terms and conditions are often much longer and more detailed than those in a physical store. This is because they need to cover all the different ways that website visitors can interact with the site, from landing on your website, to viewing the contents, to downloading images and using the information on your website – your website terms and conditions template state the ground rules for visitors to your website. Website terms and conditions protect your website from abuse, protect from claims by visitors using your website and importantly, protect your intellectual property.

Terms and Conditions Website Template - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Australian Consumer Law?

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is a national law that applies in all States and Territories. The ACL contains consumer protection provisions that are designed to ensure that consumers are treated fairly and given certain rights when they purchase goods and services.

These rights are set out in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and include the right to:

  • A refund, exchange or credit note for goods that are faulty, significantly different from those described or don't do what they're supposed to
  • Have goods repaired or replaced if they are faulty or do not meet the consumer guarantee of acceptable quality
  • Receive compensation for damages and losses suffered as a result of a breach of contract or consumer law.

Any Australian terms and conditions template must be mindful of these rights.

What are consumer guarantees?

Consumer guarantees are rights that the consumer has under the ACL in relation to the quality of goods and services. These rights cannot be waived or excluded by businesses in their Australian terms and conditions template.

What is a major failure?

A major failure is when a good:

  • has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they had known about it
  • is significantly different from the description or sample, or
  • does not do what you asked for and cannot easily be fixed.

If it's not a major failure, customers can choose to keep the goods and request a repair.

Do I need to issue a refund if a customer changes their mind?

No. You cannot get a refund simply because you have changed your mind about a product. However, depending on your store’s policy, you may offer a credit note or product exchange.

What is an unfair contract term?

An unfair contract term is a clause in a standard form contract that:

  • causes significant imbalance in the parties' rights and obligations under the contract; and/or
  • is not reasonably necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the party who would be advantaged by the term; and/or
  • would cause detriment (financial or otherwise)

If a court finds that a term in a standard form consumer contract is unfair, the term will be void. This means that the term cannot be enforced by either party and any right or obligation that would have otherwise arisen under that term will not exist. For this reason, it is critical that your Australian terms and conditions templateis finalised with fairness in mind.

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