Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement, protects your intellectual property and sensitive information about your business.

The agreement contained in this non-disclosure agreement template is used to get the recipient of the confidential information to agree not to disclose the information to anyone else.
Sensitive information about your business is information you provide to another party in confidence, valuable and not in the public domain.

If you are both sharing information, you require a TWO-WAY template Non-Disclosure Agreement. Contact me for details.

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What can happen if you don’t have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (Australia) in place?

Non-disclosure agreements are designed to protect confidential information. If you do not use or have an Australian NDA template in place when you are sharing private and sensitive information, then the party that received that information is at liberty to do whatever they like with that information including setting up a competing service, selling your business secrets to a competitor or make the information public.

When do you need an Australian NDA Template?

You need an NDA template when you are setting up a new business, are developing your business, or you’re having business development discussions with a third party.

You will use the template NDA to protect information about your business including

  • Business ideas
  • Business plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Concepts in development
  • Financial information
  • Formulae and recipes
  • Inventions
  • Research results
  • Software programs
  • Trade secrets

As the disclosing party, you will prepare a template confidentiality agreement and provide it for signing BEFORE you enter substantive discussions with service providers and potential investors.

Confidentiality Agreement Template Australia – who are the Parties that you should provide an NDA to?

You will need to provide a non-disclosure agreement (Australia) BEFORE you engage a contractor or advisor such as a social media manager, VA’s, OBM’s, web developers and designers, copywriters, business coaches, product designers, manufacturers, graphic designers, brand specialists – mostly any other party you want to talk to about getting something done for your business.

For these parties to give you meaningful advice and information for the development or support of your business you will need to provide them with information that you would not share publicly i.e., sensitive, private business information, and a properly signed confidential disclosure agreement will go a long way in protecting your business information.

You must ensure that the right person signs the non-disclosure agreement template – i.e., the owner or company director of the business that the non-disclosure template applies to.


Non-Disclosure Agreement Template Australia – & More

These legal document templates have been mindfully created by Shalini Nandan-Singh (an Australian lawyer) to give you the protection your business requires without the expense of a law firm done-for-you service.

Upon completing your purchase of a basic confidentiality agreement template Australia or any one of our other templates, you will receive an editable download along with explanatory notes on how to use and complete the legal document. Just fill in the blanks, upload to your website and you’re done. Be sure to save your confidentiality agreement template files somewhere safe – for security reasons the templates are limited to download 5 times and restricted after 14 days. You can always contact us if you need more for any reason.

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  • Start-up businesses
  • Solopreneur service-based businesses
  • Product based businesses
  • Online businesses
  • Course creators
  • Coaches
  • Australian based businesses

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Basic Confidentiality Agreement Template Australia - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get out of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (Australia)?

It is possible to get out of an NDA, but it can be difficult. You will likely need to show that the information you want to disclose is not actually confidential or that disclosing it is in the public interest. For example, if you want to disclose information about illegal activity at your company, you may be able to do so without violating your NDA.

Does this Non-Disclosure Agreement Template (Australia) expire?

NDAs typically do not expire. However, the information covered by the NDA may no longer be considered confidential after a certain amount of time has passed. For example, if you sign a confidentiality agreement template in Australia that covers information about a new product your company is developing, that information may no longer be considered confidential after the product is released to the public.

Does my business require an NDA?

Depending on your industry, you may require clients or subcontractors to sign an NDA. If you work in, or adjacent to, a highly regulated industry such as healthcare or finance, you may require aconfidentiality agreement Australia template to protect both your business’ assets and liability.

What happens if I break a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

If you break an NDA, you could be sued by the other party. If the court finds that you did indeed violate the agreement, you could be ordered to pay damages. You may also be subject to criminal charges if the information you disclosed is classified or a trade secret.

Do I need a lawyer to sign an NDA?

You do not need a lawyer to sign an NDA, but it is always a good idea to have one review your non-disclosure agreement template (Australia) and provide legal advice before you sign it. Legal services can help you understand the agreement and make sure any legal contracts are fair to you. You can book a free 10 minute chat with us to discuss a review or we offer legal coaching services here. We also provide range of other legal templates such as privacy policy template, terms and conditions template, small business template & more.

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