Legal Coaching Services

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Legal Coaching Services

In some cases additional support may be required for you to be absolutely sure that the legal template document you create is perfect for YOUR particular business, in content, relevance and legal application.

A Legal Coaching Session is recommended when:

  • you require individual advice about any aspect of your business in relation to the template you have purchased from Love Your Legals;
  • you are unsure of your business structure and operations;
  • you require support in deciding what content to include in your template;
  • you require advice about your disclaimer, particularly if you are delivering a service to people who may have health, financial, legal or business concerns;
  • you do not understand any legal terms used in the template you have purchased i.e. intellectual property, copyright, liability, jurisdiction or any other aspect of the document.

A Legal Coaching Session is only available AFTER you have completed your template purchased from the Love Your Legals Contract Shop and it is therefore a condition of purchase that you purchase and complete the relevant template prior to your session.

The length and cost of a Legal Coaching Session that is available for each template or template pack depend on the type of template and the complexity of the business matter for which you require the template.

Please ensure you select the correct session for your purchase as an incorrect purchase will mean your session will not proceed, a refund less $35 administration fee will need to be issued and the correct session will need to be booked.

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