One big challenge business owners face daily is deciding what task to tackle next. Creating and building a business is demanding emotionally, mentally, and financially. There are so many competing priorities for your time, energy and money. So what do you do first? Do you take care of your legals, your marketing, budget, kids, or health?

The question of what to tackle first or next can be overwhelming, even on a good day!

If you are like me, my list never seems to get smaller. However, I have learned that I have a growing business and family, which is why the list will always be spectacular.

To cope,  I split my list, at any given time, on any given day into major and minor tasks.

Major tasks need attention to run your business successfully, like solid terms and conditions and contracts, the right accounting software, a responsive website, message branding, etc. My other list (minor) is day-to-day tasks such as creating social posts, paying bills, business meetings, work tasks etc.

I’ve tried various time-management techniques to keep me focused, including the Pomodoro technique, task-batching, eating the frog first, observing my daily rhythms etc. However, I’ve found using a trusted to-do list focused on major and minor tasks keeps me on track successfully.

With my lists hot in my hands, I tackle one major task and a few smaller ones to consistently tick off progress through my lists and towards my goals. I remember early in my business; I had to watch my pennies. Still, I did ensure I ticked items off the major list at a pace that suited me. This way, I knew I had implemented the essentials, and I was covered.

Over time, this got me thinking about how I could help business owners meet their legal obligations more effectively. Given my background, I understood that terms and conditions, policies, and agreements should be on the major list.

Despite this, I noticed many people in start-up businesses putting these obligations in the ‘too-hard basket’ if they considered it at all. So, taking inspired action, I began the ongoing project of creating legal contract templates for business. These DIY downloadable templates are easy to implement, affordable to use and meaningful for small businesses and their clients.

We now have 17 legal templates on offer ranging from website T & C’s, privacy policy, refund policy, non-disclosure agreement, speaker engagement agreement, medical disclaimer, coaching contracts, and so much more. The best bit is they are drafted to speak to your market and are affordable. Using our legal templates for low-risk activities means you can tick something off the major list without it being a considerable cost to your time or bank account!


If your small business legals to-do list is challenging you because you don’t know what you don’t know, my Essential Business Legals checklist can get you started. Download it here.


I would love to know what you do to stay on track for your daily and weekly tasks!