- 4 steps to loving your legals - advice for women in business

I have spent the last two weeks deeply considering and having lots of online and client conversations on the topic of LOVING YOUR LEGALS—an area that has been close to my heart for some time now.

Recently, I presented an information-packed webinar called “Do I need legals for that?”, and soon I will be presenting “Love Your Business Legals” in a Facebook group event—please go HERE to find details.

The big message in both presentations is… LOVE YOUR LEGALS!

Why is Loving Your Legals so important to your business?

Well, firstly, your legals are necessary—they protect you and your client.

Secondly, your legals are about building credibility into your business marketing—they balance the promotional noise that can often take over when you are marketing your gig.

Thirdly, your legals mean that you have done the work in developing your service; that is, you know how you want to show up!

Lastly, your legals show that you know what your boundaries are, how you want to operate, and how you expect to be treated—and you own it!

So, how do you learn to Love Your Legals?

  1. Get intimate with your business processes—look closely at how you do business.
  2. Seek advice about how the way you do business fits into a legal framework. Just because everyone else does it doesn’t mean it’s legal or best practice.
  3. Hop on the internet and read up on stuff—knowledge is power! And if you don’t understand something, ask your business coach or post a question in a Facebook group… if I see it, I will answer it, and so will others!
  4. Treat your legals as a business tool, just like you do with your graphics, your lead pages, your sales pages, your social media, and your blog posts—with LOVE! Put some thought into your legals, make them look good, have them drafted in your voice, and speak to your client from the heart.

Do you need some help with Loving Your Legals?

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