When purchasing a template, it’s important to understand the rules of use.

I want to share a conversation with you about using Legally Shalini templates for commercial purposes, other than your own  website and business because this applies to any templates you buy to use in your business.

A website developer client (non-affiliate) asked me recently “Can I  use the templates I have purchased to use on my own website,   for the websites that I build for my clients?

I am sharing my response here because it is crucial for you to understand that intellectual property laws protect the templates.

The long and the short answer is NO. Unless you have express or specific permission in the terms to do so.

When you purchase templates, you need to read the terms and understand that, in most cases, template use is restricted to personal use for your business only.

Copyright (or the intellectual property rights in the templates)  belongs to the entity or individual who has created the templates.  For example,  in the case of the templates you purchase from the Legally Shalini Template Shop, copyright belongs to Legally Shalini.   And permission to use the templates you purchase is granted for personal use for YOUR business.

If you own multiple businesses, you may use it for other businesses you own; however, you must inform Legally Shalini so we can enter it in our register to avoid infringement notices or proceedings in the future.

Using templates created by someone else, even though you have paid for them,  does not mean that you own the copyright and you can use it as you please.

Copyright remains with the creator of the templates.  You have purchased a restricted licence to use the template for your business.  Using the templates for your own client’s website or business is commercial use and a breach of copyright.

Why is this so?

The main reason is that templates (like photos, including stock photos) are someone else’s work (in the case of Legally Shalini templates – mine!).  A LOT of care has gone into the research, preparation and drafting of these templates to make them meaningful and useful for the users and so intellectual property rights, laws and conditions of use apply.

When a Terms of Use template is completed, for example, and uploaded to a website, a legal relationship is created between the visitor and the website owner.

It is the website owner’s responsibility to source their legal documents from an appropriately qualified legal practitioner.  If a problem arises or if they have a question or issue about the document, they are directed to address the legal practitioner who is qualified to answer any questions or address any issues and not the web developer who is not qualified to answer legal questions not be doing so.

We have a solution! 

I have many web designers and developers who appropriately use Legally Shalini templates for their clients by becoming an affiliate. If you’re in a similar situation, then I invite you to become an affiliate of the Legally Shalini Template Shop.

As an Affiliate, you will be issued a unique link to provide your clients with the templates they need for their website.  Since this makes my life a little easier, and recognising your efforts, approved affiliates receive an affiliate payment of 25%.

The affiliate program applies across ALL templates in the Legally Shalini Template Shop.

Small businesses highly regard the legal templates from the Legally Shalini Template Shop. All templates are drafted by me for Australian based small businesses, in client-centric language, an easy WORD download to your PC and most importantly, affordable for your clients.  The templates allow you to support your client with quality legal documents and access to legal advice if they need it – and of course, you get paid too!

If you are interested to sign up (and I would love to have you!) you can sign up here

If you’d like to chat or need more information – contact me here for a 10-minute quick-chat.

XX Shalini