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Custom Service Agreement

A Service Agreement is a contract between two parties that sets the rules of their professional partnership. It spells out everything both must agree to, such as what services are provided, who’s involved in them and how they’ll be paid – allowing each side to move forward with peace of mind while understanding every detail necessary for success!

Love Your Legals offers personalised drafting for every type ofCustom Service Agreement Australia could need. Don’t rely on a verbal contract, get a written service agreement that suits your exact needs today!

Who Needs A Custom Service Agreement?

Building a successful relationship between two parties depends on trust and clear communication. Custom Service Agreements, which define the expectations for both contractor or service provider and client, are essential in any professional services arrangement – from HR consulting, bookkeeping service, health and healing services, business support services, social media and web design services, to managing vehicles or aircraft to pest control at residences or business buildings; delivering furniture, appliances, and more; house maintenance tasks such as electrical contractors or handyman services; all the way up to manufacturing with automated assembly lines and product testing. 

A strong contract allows peace of mind when it comes to financial obligations so you can focus on achieving your project goals together! A custom Service Agreement is also crucial if you have an “out of the box” business or you are doing something that has not been done before or you want to be brand specific in your terms.

What Goes In A Customised Service Agreement?

A customised Service Agreement is an agreement that puts expectations and boundaries in writing to ensure a successful partnership. It covers everything from safeguarding intellectual property ownership, the confidentiality of information shared, who pays for reimbursable expenses incurred during the project as well as how early termination can or cannot be handled.

Many contracts also include stipulations regarding:

  • Scope of services
  • Payment schedule
  • Confidential information (confidentiality clause)
  • Indemnification clause
  • Late fees
  • Dispute resolution
  • Effective date
  • Time frame

…and more! That’s the beauty of using our drafting service for a customised service agreement – you can ensure that it contains the specific pieces of information you and all parties involved need to guarantee a mutually beneficial partnership.

Is There A Difference Between A Custom Contractor Service Agreement & A Custom Client Service Agreement?

Yes! A Custom Client Service Agreement privileges the person doing the work or providing the service, A Custom Contractor Service Agreement (an independent contractor agreement) refers to the person or business engaged to provide the services to another business. Both names are applicable to Custom Service Agreement drafting services provided by Love Your Legals. We can provide you with both a Custom Service Agreement and a Custom Contractor Agreement.

Custom Service Agreement - FAQs

Is a custom service agreement legally binding?

Yes, but a custom service agreement is so much more than just a legally binding document - it's the start of an important relationship between you and your client. With all the rights, responsibilities, and expectations clearly outlined in this contract, both parties can feel secure knowing that their needs are being thoughtfully taken care of with respect to each other!

What is a custom service agreement?

At its heart, a custom service agreement is a contract between two parties in which one party agrees to provide certain services to the other party. The details of these services will be set out in the agreement, including what the service provider will do, how long they will do it for, and how much they will charge.

Service agreements are often used by businesses when they need to engage the services of an independent contractor, such as a consultant, service provider, or web designer. The agreement sets out the terms of the relationship between the parties and ensures that both sides are clear about their rights and obligations. When drafting a service agreement, it is important to be clear about the scope of the services provided and to include provisions for what will happen if the service provider is unable to complete the work or if the customer is unhappy with the results. It is also important to include a clause detailing how any changes to the agreement will be made and to have both parties sign and date the document.

If you need help drafting a custom service agreement, or if you have any questions about an existing agreement, you should speak to a lawyer, like Shalini at Love Your Legals. She can help you understand your rights and obligations under the contract and can advise you on any other legal issues that may arise.

Is Love Your Legals a law firm?

No - we are part of Singh Law, and provide legal support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. At Singh Law, we believe in the power of relationships, not just the ones we form with our clients but those that arise through providing legal services. That's why we founded Love Your Legals, an initiative to make it easier for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to understand their legals without spending thousands in legal fees.

Through our template products, professional legal services and educational resources you can get the knowledge and guidance you need to navigate your legals. We know that having a lawyer-client relationship is valuable and important. For this reason, any advice or service that you request from us is managed by Singh Law so that you have peace of mind knowing your legals are in good hands.

Custom Legal Drafting Services

All prices shown include GST and are correct as of August 1st 2021.

Website Legals

  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy: from $550
  • Terms of Use & Disclaimer: from $550
  • E-commerce T&Cs: from $1650

Website Legals Bundle: $880
Includes Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use & Disclaimer

Small Business Bundle $3300

Includes custom drafting of the following legal documents:

  • Privacy Policy (GDPR compliant)
  • Website Terms of Use & Disclaimer
  • Your choice of either Business T&Cs or Client Agreement
  • 30 min consultation with Shalini

This small business bundle is for very simple business structures that do not have the complexities of charity structures or partnerships.Typically this package is for solopreneurs such as coaches and therapists who are the face of their business and running a business on their own with an outsourced team of contractors (for example, a bookkeeper, social media assistant and copywriter) that support their business.


Business Agreements & Contracts

Custom contract services include:

  • Client Agreement
  • Business Terms & Conditions
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Sub-contractor Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Speaker Agreement
  • Retreat Terms & Conditions
  • Online Course / Program T&Cs
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

Custom drafting fees for legal contracts for small businesses range start from $1650. A fee is confirmed after an initial discussion together to determine what legal support you require.

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