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Custom App Terms and Conditions

If you’re launching new mobile apps, congratulations! To make sure everything is above board, it is wise for you to get your mobile app terms and conditions customised to suit the particular needs of your platform. With Love Your Legals custom drafting, this is easier than ever.

Who Needs Custom App Terms And Conditions?

If you’re a business owner who has designed your own app – be it an eCommerce app, a subscription service, or anything in between – you need custom app terms and conditions.

This can depend on the mobile app provider you align yourself with. If your app developers are uploading your software to the Apple app store there are default terms and conditions already in place. The default terms and conditions on the Google Play store (for Android devices) are less restrictive than Apple’s, meaning it’s even more important to develop custom app terms and conditions if you’re planning on launching your app there. 

How Should I Have My Mobile App Terms of Service Customised?

With Love Your Legals’ conditions drafting service, you can have your legally binding mobile app terms of service customised in the following ways:

  • App content, 
  • Who is allowed to be an app user, 
  • How the app may be used, 
  • The legal jurisdiction of the app, 
  • Your intellectual property rights, 
  • The availability of the app from your website, 
  • User’s confidentiality responsibilities, 
  • Limiting your liability, 
  • Alignment with Australian Consumer Law, 
  • Privacy policy, 
  • How payments are made, 
  • Termination of user accounts.

Of course, we offer custom app terms and conditions – this means you can make additions and subtractions around, say, user generated content, to ensure that it suits the particular needs of your app and business practices.

Get Your Mobile App Terms And Conditions Customised Today

We work with you to design contracts and policies that help you run your business smoothly and help your clients understand how best to work with you so you can guide them to great outcomes. We take into account your business goals and objectives, as well as the specific needs of your clients, to tailor solutions that work for everyone involved. 

Our goal is to help you focus on what you do best – delivering great results for your clients – while protecting your interests and minimising the potential for misunderstandings or disputes. By working with us, you can feel confident that your business is operating efficiently and effectively, and that your clients will appreciate the clear structure and guidelines we help you put in place. 

Let us show you how we can help you reach your full potential. Contact LYL today to get started.

Custom App Terms And Conditions - FAQs

Why are custom app terms and conditions useful?

Custom app terms and conditions allow you to establish guidelines for acceptable behaviour in the context of your app, which is especially useful if your app’s function is to connect users to other users, or provide a space where app users post. A clear-cut conditions agreement users understand offers you a legally enforceable way to terminate users accounts in the event that they breach these guidelines, which they have accepted at their own risk.

Are custom app terms and conditions a legally binding contract?

Yes. When a user accepts the terms and conditions agreement laid out for them upon downloading your app, they are legally required to adhere to them. As with other legal agreements, this acceptance by both parties (the service provider and the app user)renders the terms and conditions legally binding.

Custom Legal Drafting Services

All prices shown include GST and are correct as of August 1st 2021.

Website Legals

  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy: from $550
  • Terms of Use & Disclaimer: from $550
  • E-commerce T&Cs: from $1650

Website Legals Bundle: $880
Includes Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use & Disclaimer

Small Business Bundle $3300

Includes custom drafting of the following legal documents:

  • Privacy Policy (GDPR compliant)
  • Website Terms of Use & Disclaimer
  • Your choice of either Business T&Cs or Client Agreement
  • 30 min consultation with Shalini

This small business bundle is for very simple business structures that do not have the complexities of charity structures or partnerships.Typically this package is for solopreneurs such as coaches and therapists who are the face of their business and running a business on their own with an outsourced team of contractors (for example, a bookkeeper, social media assistant and copywriter) that support their business.


Business Agreements & Contracts

Custom contract services include:

  • Client Agreement
  • Business Terms & Conditions
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Sub-contractor Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Speaker Agreement
  • Retreat Terms & Conditions
  • Online Course / Program T&Cs
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

Custom drafting fees for legal contracts for small businesses range start from $1650. A fee is confirmed after an initial discussion together to determine what legal support you require.

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