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Custom Consultation Agreement

Also known as a consulting agreement, letter of engagement, or independent consultant contract, a consultation agreement defines the rights and responsibilities between a consultant and a client in a professional relationship.

Who Needs A Custom Consultation Agreement?

Are you intending to hire a consultant, or work in the consulting profession yourself? Then you can benefit from Love Your Legals’ Custom Consultation Agreementdrafting service. 

If you’re having services provided by someone who is not an employee, then you need a legally binding agreement to ensure that all parties are paid properly and responsible for all of their service obligations.

What Is Included In A Custom Consulting Agreement?

Your Custom Consulting Agreement will be drafted to include:

  • Terms of engagement, 
  • Rules around intellectual property, trade secrets, and confidential information, 
  • A payment schedule, 
  • Termination of contracts,
  • Expenses,

…and more. As ‘custom’ implies, you will be able to amend and adjust your service agreement to best suit your consulting business and your client’s business.

Get Your Custom Consulting Agreement Australia-Wide Now

We believe that your business legals should be an authentic extension of your business, creating positive business boundaries that support you in working with your clients with compassion and understanding. Your business legals are not just a bunch of documents full of confusing legal jargon. They are a tool that can help you run your business with integrity and in alignment with your values. Love Your Legals’ are proud to produce a custom consulting agreement Australia-based businesses not only want, but need.

By taking the time to clearly define your business boundaries, you create a container for your work that supports you in serving your clients with care and compassion. In current vernacular, we might say that you are creating a “safe space” for your clients. This space is not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual. It is a space where your clients can feel seen, heard, and valued. When you operate from this foundation of compassionate understanding, you build trust with your clients and create relationships that are rooted in respect and mutuality. 

Consultant-client relationships are not exempt from the basic human need for connection, belonging, and safety. In fact, these needs may be even more pronounced in the context of legal services, which can often be fraught with emotion and conflict. By taking the time to establish clear boundaries and build compassionate connections with your clients, you create a space where everyone can thrive.

Custom Consultation Agreement Australia - FAQs

Is a consultancy agreement legally binding?

Yes, if it has been agreed to and signed by both parties. Consulting agreements are best written by a lawyer to be legally binding. It also helps to have a lawyer create your own bespoke templates for you to use with multiple contractors!

Do I need a licence to be a consultant in Australia?

Professional certificates are not required by law for prospective consultants to practise or seek employment. However, if you wish to work in a certain industry, it is typically a good idea to obtain a professional certification.

Is a consultant considered an independent contractor?

The simple answer is yes. However, a consultant's function is to assess a client's needs and give professional advice and opinion on what needs to be done, whereas a contractor's or freelancer's role is to actually accomplish the task.

Do consultants need an ABN?

You don't need a corporation or a business name to charge your customer, but you will need an ABN. If you require a Pty Ltd company, the customer will inform you. You may obtain an ABN for yourself as an individual or for your business/company.

Custom Legal Drafting Services

All prices shown include GST and are correct as of August 1st 2021.

Website Legals

  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy: from $550
  • Terms of Use & Disclaimer: from $550
  • E-commerce T&Cs: from $1650

Website Legals Bundle: $880
Includes Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use & Disclaimer

Small Business Bundle $3300

Includes custom drafting of the following legal documents:

  • Privacy Policy (GDPR compliant)
  • Website Terms of Use & Disclaimer
  • Your choice of either Business T&Cs or Client Agreement
  • 30 min consultation with Shalini

This small business bundle is for very simple business structures that do not have the complexities of charity structures or partnerships.Typically this package is for solopreneurs such as coaches and therapists who are the face of their business and running a business on their own with an outsourced team of contractors (for example, a bookkeeper, social media assistant and copywriter) that support their business.


Business Agreements & Contracts

Custom contract services include:

  • Client Agreement
  • Business Terms & Conditions
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Sub-contractor Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Speaker Agreement
  • Retreat Terms & Conditions
  • Online Course / Program T&Cs
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

Custom drafting fees for legal contracts for small businesses range start from $1650. A fee is confirmed after an initial discussion together to determine what legal support you require.

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