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Custom Affiliate Agreement

With the power of an affiliate agreement, you can lay down clear terms and commitments that ensure everyone is on the same page – no surprises. Get informed about everything this dynamic partnership has to offer and get an affiliate agreement custom drafted for your business today! 

Who Needs A Custom Affiliate Agreement?

Are you looking to form an alliance with someone who will promote your services, products, website or app? An affiliate agreement is the way to go! It ensures everyone involved in the relationship understands their roles and how they’ll be compensated. Companies running a successful affiliate program should have a custom affiliate agreement for all affiliates – it’s easy and effective.

What Goes In A Custom Affiliate Program Agreement?

From Company to Affiliate, make sure your agreement covers all the bases with this comprehensive custom affiliate program agreement template. Get clarity on every detail from compensation for referred traffic/product sales and fulfilment & customer information to confidential details, term and termination agreements plus dispute resolutions. Don’t leave anything up in the air when you sign off – be confident that both sides know what’s expected of them!

Your custom affiliate program agreement may also cover:

  • Intellectual property rights
  • Your affiliate link
  • Applicable laws
  • Commission payment information
  • Lost profits and consequential damages
  • Proprietary rights
  • Clear guidelines on affiliate marketing strategy
  • Effective date
  • Confidential information

It’s a custom affiliate agreement template, so the finer details are up to you. At LYL, our role is to give you the guidance to build a strong affiliate relationship through affiliate agreements that suit your precise needs.

Get Your Custom Affiliate Marketing Agreement Now

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to affiliate marketing. You want to find the right program, but you don’t want to waste your time on something that won’t work 

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money, but only if you do it correctly. Many people jump into affiliate marketing without doing their research and end up losing money instead of making it.

Love Your Legals’ Custom Affiliate Marketing Agreement is the perfect solution for busy entrepreneurs who want to make money with affiliate marketing but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves. Our custom drafting process allows you to include everything you need to get started, and stipulations unique to your business.

Custom Affiliate Marketing Agreement - FAQs

What is an affiliate marketing program?

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool that enables businesses to tap into the power of an ever-growing network. By connecting with affiliates, they can outsource part of their sales process and receive commissions for every successful lead or sale generated from each affiliate's efforts! It’s a win-win situation: partners benefit by growing their traffic, while merchants save time and make more money at the same time.

Do I have to use the same agreement for all my affiliate relationships?

No - while many parties may opt to use the same contract document with all the terms identical for all new affiliates, customisation is an essential part of Love Your Legals’ business. By providing custom legal templates, we allow you to vary your entire agreement, or parts thereof, so that your legal document is specific to the needs of every unique affiliate relationship.

Is a marketing affiliate an independent contractor?

It's crucial to recognize that affiliates are self-employed, which means they're not eligible for the same employee benefits as regular employees. Establishing a clear definition of their role enables you to avoid any legal obligations related to providing those perks.

Is affiliate marketing legal in Australia?

Affiliate marketing is a perfectly legal way to do business in Australia, so long as there's transparency between the referrer and customer. This means being upfront about any benefits or commission on offer; it's all part of doing good business. That’s why you need a Custom Affiliate Agreement, Australia!

Custom Legal Drafting Services

All prices shown include GST and are correct as of August 1st 2021.

Website Legals

  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy: from $550
  • Terms of Use & Disclaimer: from $550
  • E-commerce T&Cs: from $1650

Website Legals Bundle: $880
Includes Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use & Disclaimer

Small Business Bundle $3300

Includes custom drafting of the following legal documents:

  • Privacy Policy (GDPR compliant)
  • Website Terms of Use & Disclaimer
  • Your choice of either Business T&Cs or Client Agreement
  • 30 min consultation with Shalini

This small business bundle is for very simple business structures that do not have the complexities of charity structures or partnerships.Typically this package is for solopreneurs such as coaches and therapists who are the face of their business and running a business on their own with an outsourced team of contractors (for example, a bookkeeper, social media assistant and copywriter) that support their business.


Business Agreements & Contracts

Custom contract services include:

  • Client Agreement
  • Business Terms & Conditions
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Sub-contractor Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Speaker Agreement
  • Retreat Terms & Conditions
  • Online Course / Program T&Cs
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

Custom drafting fees for legal contracts for small businesses range start from $1650. A fee is confirmed after an initial discussion together to determine what legal support you require.

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