When you are sharing a special promotion for your business on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, the responsibilities that come with it are similar to when you engage customers in your services through the normal channels like your website or over the phone.

Here’s a short video on how to cover yourself legally when promoting your business on social media.

Preparing For Special Promotions on Social Media

Special offers often have an urgency about them with limited numbers being available or the offer running for a limited amount of time.

I find that service providers put themselves at risk by not stating when those offers are expiring or that the prices are special offers. This opens them up to their potential clients not knowing the limitations on their promotion.

They might think that the prices and conditions advertised are your normal prices and conditions. They may be asking for them even after the offer had expired.

To avoid this, ensure that when you have a promotion that includes a special price or a time limit, you include that in your promotional copy.

When you are offering a bonus or something extra on top of your normal service or product offering as a promotion, you also need to make it clear that those are not a part of your normal, standard offerings.

You still need to cover it in your business terms and conditions or our client service agreements. This isn’t any different from any other job you take on for a client, so you need to treat it as such.

Many businesses start out with offering many promotional products or services before they have their website set up or even a Facebook page. Having your legals in order first and foremost will provide you with protection from the get-go. It also helps your potential clients understand what types of services you are offering.

When someone is expressing an interest in your online promotion it’s imperative that you have a set of terms and conditions to refer them to. This can include a disclaimer that tells people about the inclusions in that promotion and what type of service or advice you provide.

For example, if you are helping people with their finances but you are not qualified financial planner, you want to include that in your documentation for your promotion.

You are providing a related service but if your clients want to obtain financial advice, they will need to seek out the services of a qualified professional who is able to give that advice. The same applies to health and wellness therapies as well.

This is important even when you are in the process of working out what services you want to offer through your business. The services you offer can change over time.

Social media is often used to start promoting a new business. Having your terms and conditions and service agreements sorted before you start offering them to your clientele is very important.

It builds your credibility when your clients can access this information online before they engage you. It’s also a way of educating your clients about the terms of your services. It also tells them what they can expect for the money they pay you.

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Shalini X