Having been in the legal space for going on 20 years, it’s safe to say that I have had a vast number of conversations with business owners seeking legal support!

Some were with established business owners. Some were with men in business. But by far largest business owner group I have supported are new female entrepreneurs who are somewhere in their start-up phase.

They may be a relatively young business owner, or they may be a woman who’s lived her corporate career and has now decided to follow a deep-seated passion to launch her own business.

As a heart-centred lawyer, I find that my ideal client is also a soul-driven female entrepreneur with dreams of inspiring and connecting with others through their business. She offers services or products that have a purpose and personal meaning to her, usually lived experience or a genuine calling. 

Above all, she wants to protect herself, her business, and her clients, and so she seeks someone who understands her vision and purpose and who can help her in that space.

Lessons arising from my connected conversations with female entrepreneurs

Connection is so important in business. It’s something that drives me in what I do and how I serve.

What I’ve learnt about many new female entrepreneurs in their start-up phase of business is that they are often overwhelmed by the legal aspects and requirements of their business. 

This, of course, is not at all surprising! Many new business owners are transitioning their hobby to their full-time business, so up until now, it may not have felt real. But now they’re coming into contact with other business owners, suppliers, customers, and their potential clients.

Cue concern, anxiety, and worry.

Here are three common pain points that I’ve noticed many of my female start-up entrepreneur clients face and how I help them overcome their concerns.

They have questions about a new contract given to them

Back in the day we may have just happily signed something because we needed the work. However, there is now a greater awareness that as business owners, we really need to understand a contract we’ve been given.

This is very much true for new start-ups, including freelancers. They are starting to become savvy about how they want to show up in their business and they have an innate need to understand what they are signing, and rightly so.

Understanding a contract and the terms contained within doesn’t have to be daunting and legal speak no longer needs to be formal nor confusing. I can help you work your way through new contracts and answer questions so everything is clear and you do not feel you just had to sign the document to get the work.

They need negotiation skills

Gone is the meek and mild stereotype of a woman in business. 

Female entrepreneurs are now driven, determined, fierce, compassionate, strong-willed, smart, and seek to pave out their vision so it becomes a business reality.

She may become unstuck as she tries to make her way through some new experiences unique to start-ups. It can be difficult to know what to say or how to begin conversations when negotiations are required around a legal document.

I offer dialogue examples and education around how to negotiate seamlessly and get the changes made to a contract that you would like for fairness and practicality, without feeling anxiety or worry.

They seek business-building advice

When a new business owner contacts me seeking ‘contract services’ its more than just contract advice – we dive deep into the heart and soul of their business.  The why, the who, the when, and the what happened or can happen and how can we proactively manage client and supplier expectations.

So, when contract conversations happen, I find that many new business owners are also seeking business-building advice. 

They’re asking for help to craft their service into a contract to ensure that they are compliant with all legal requirements. They’re asking for clarification around possible repercussions so they can mitigate risk. They’re seeking clarity around why they do what they do and are looking for legals that are based on their strengths and educate the client to help them deliver the best service possible.

Such legals can include client and service agreements, contractor agreements, medical disclaimers, non-disclosure agreements, speaker agreements, and website legals such as privacy policies, terms of use and e-commerce policies. These are all ‘business power tools’ that support growth, connection, and business success.

Grounded support with upfront and transparent pricing for female entrepreneurs

If you are a female entrepreneur within the start-up phase of business, and the legals aspects are starting to feel overwhelming, causing anxiety, or keeping you up at night, then now could be the perfect time for us to talk.

My mission is to support women in business by educating them with the knowledge and equipping them with the tools to protect themselves and their business.

My pricing us upfront and transparent which allows you to be in a position to make an informed and empowered decision about your business legal contracts. 

Interested? Read more about my custom legal drafting service.