Client Reviews of Brisbane Lawyer Shalini Nandan Singh - Legally Shalini
“Shalini was recommended to me as someone that could assist me with getting Terms & Conditions set up for my coaching, training, and speaking business as well as assisting me with a Privacy statement and Disclaimer for my website. Before working with Shalini I felt overwhelmed and out of my depth. Aside from being knowledgeable and providing me with invaluable advice and guidance and all the documents I required, her straightforward, no-nonsense approach ensured that I felt supported and in safe hands. I now feel that I am covered from a legal perspective and the process was made all the more pleasant by Shalini’s warmth and patience. Thanks so much Shalini!”


“Shalini is an expert in my Biz Buddies membership. Her knowledge and compassion for Ladies creating strong foundations are endless.

Her recommendations are always given with priority of need and when the appropriate time to introduce legals and boundaries are. This saves on overwhelm and the need to invest money where it isn’t needed.

Shalini has built her own online business and understands the commitment and passion that is invested in business.

Green Skills Inc

As we were in the process of updating our website it was also the right time to make sure we had all our website legal documents covered. We were not sure about what was required or what was covered but we had become aware that specific documentation is required by law. Shalini drafted two very clear and current documents that made sure we were covered on all bases. We feel we can confidently operate within all legal requirements.

Shalini is very current with her legal practice. Her client-journey process is smooth and her communication style is honed and direct yet very supportive. Shalini was very professional, efficient and a pleasure to do business with.”


“When a colleague recommended Shalini I was so grateful. I knew I needed advice, but had no idea who to reach out to – and on a start-up budget.

Shalini explained the legals that were necessary for my business, and in what order. We did one at a time. In addition to providing the necessary documents, Shalini had some sage advice for this accidental entrepreneur and a vision for my business that was beyond what I could see. It has been both exciting and gratifying to work with her.”


“Many months ago, I rebranded my business and asked Shalini Nandan-Singh to do my new website legals, and terms and conditions for me.

I had been putting off getting website legals done for a while, because it all felt too hard, and I can honestly say, that when I bit the bullet and just did it… I felt sooo relieved.

Shalini was professional and sooo easy to work with and I felt comfortable that I could ask her any legal question that was on my mind, and she would communicate with me in laymans language.

The major benefit for me getting this done, is it created a stable, professional base for my business to thrive, clarified terms and conditions, and gave me more professional confidence in the market place.

I have recommended Shalini to other business colleagues.”

“I found the legal side of my business overwhelming, had my head in the sand, didn’t know where to start and found business legals out of my comfort zone. I was holding my breath hoping nothing would go astray! A colleague recommended Legally Shalini.

Shalini explained to me in her professional, yet friendly manner why and most importantly how having the legal side of my business in order reduces my risk exposure. Shalini took the time to fully understand my business, how each of my services operated and explained what I needed without any legal jargon. It was a very refreshing experience!

I felt an instant sense of relief and confidence knowing that these would be taken care of quickly and customised to my exact business structure. I now have my Website Legals and Client Agreements in place which I now know should have been the first step in setting up my business, not the last step.
I highly recommend Legally Shalini as the first step in your business!

EFT Practitioner

“As a new business owner, I don’t know what I don’t know. Shalini helped me work out what I needed legally. She was so patient and helped me to understand the bigger picture for my business. Not only that, the beautiful process she took me on, helped me clarify my process with my clients. Win win!”

Naturally Nic

“Being relatively new to business, I was facing my first, large service contract, and needed good guidance; not just legal, but also some mentoring to get me over the line in negotiating a deal that could make or break my company.

I was worried that I would undervalue my own services, and place myself and my company in a sticky financial and legal position should something go wrong. Shalini walked me through the process, gave me excellent guidance and direction, and got me asking and answering the right questions I needed to give me confidence in what I was putting forward to my client.

I was dealing with a client that was far more astute and experienced in these dealings than I, and it felt good knowing that Shalini was there, in my corner the whole way through. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

The negotiations were relatively swift, I knew where I could compromise on the deal and where to stand my ground, and it worked. My client signed a lucrative 12-month service contract, which has provided me with financial security, and will take my company to the next stage of its growth. I now also have an excellent starting point for any future negotiations.

I would highly recommend Shalini’s services, whether you are new to business or experienced. Professional, friendly, prompt service, and always very helpful and supportive.”

Scientific Consultant & Technical Trainer
Jarvis Hunt Consultancy

“Shalini was a wonderful help to me when I had a QCAT application to fill in and submit. As a small business owner and a person who actually cringes when I have to fill in forms or deal with anything legal, I was very grateful for Shalini’s help. She literally did it all for me.

All I had to do was send her the documents relevant to my case and she handled everything, keeping me informed every step of the way and explaining each step so that I understood what was happening. She also invited me to step in and take over the process if ever I felt the need, but for me, getting Shalini to manage the whole lot was much easier and a huge relief.

Thanks Shalini, you’re worth your weight in gold!

Artist & Business Owner
Delicious Art

“Shalini helped shape how I fit me, the business owner, into my business.

As a long time volunteer, service to others is a big part of who I am, but that has got me into trouble over the years by sometimes doing too much. When discussing with Shalini, how I wanted to do some work with non-profits as part of my greater business purpose, she let me know that I could get the warm and fuzzies while still getting recognised for my work.

I now have a great pro-bono agreement that allows me to be of service and have a sustainable, profitable business. I also have a crisp client agreement that outlines the expectations between my business and the client over an interactive process.

Thanks Shalini for helping me love my legals”

Tech Trainer & Business Owner
Kits & Bits

“Shalini has been an absolute blessing to my business.

Without Shalini I had none of the processes and procedures in place to cover myself. I would stress over it constantly but just didn’t know what to do about it without paying thousands for a lawyer.

Shalini helped me to realise that service agreements and legals are nothing to be scared of.

I now feel empowered that MY TERMS of business are documented clearly for clients from the beginning of a relationship.”

Website Designer

“I was one of those people who had NO idea what website legals were. I didn’t realise I needed them. As soon as I found out, I was keen to work with Shalini to get it sorted.

Shalini was wonderful to work with. I provided some simple information and she returned to me impeccably crafted documents that I could easily incorporate into my business. Our chats even revealed a couple of other ‘legal’ issues in my business that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and possibly led to big expense in the long term.

Website legals don’t have to be scary – I know I was scared! – but with Shalini’s knowledge and guidance, it’s a cinch.

Yoga Teacher & Artist