I have been chatting to fellow solopreneurs in recent weeks about this and that… and oh yes Client Contracts, Business Agreements and Legals.

Our businesses, mine and theirs, are about doing what we love, engagement with our tribe, aligning our values with practice – finding and living the big “WHY” of being solopreneurs and doing it for ourselves, baby!

Interestingly some solopreneurs don’t like client contracts and business legals much.

Some reasons why some solopreneurs think client contracts and business legals are for the fairies are:

“I don’t see enough clients”

“Clients are scared off if they have to sign something “

“Client contracts are too expensive”

“I hate my client contract. I took one off the internet and I don’t understand it myself”

“Clients don’t even read them!”

As a legal coach and mentor (and lawyer) I hear these objections A LOT.

Looking closely at why my fellow solopreneurs track me down for advice – THIS IS WHAT I FOUND.

People are coming to me because of COMPLAINTS about their service or someone else’s service , break down in COMMUNICATIONS with an unhappy client, a business partner or collaborator, CONFUSION about service content, DELIVERY, NOT GETTING PAID, CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS, DISPUTES, Someone has COPIED my image, graphic, idea, process….STOLE MY CLIENT.

“My client has complained because they said they have not achieved what they believed they would by doing my coaching program”

“My client paid for the five sessions and has decided after the first session they don’t feel that they want to continue and want a refund”

“I agreed to do 10 hours of social media development for my client and they asked me to do a whole lot of other stuff and I have billed them for it and now they are disputing my bill and won’t pay.

“I began a project with my friend to offer a package – website development, graphic design, copy development – and now I find that I am doing twice as much…I don’t know how to get out of this arrangement”

“I have created graphics for my design business and other people are using them without permission”


Your Business Legals are about YOUR business. Not a generic business or your competition or your Lawyers business.

Attention to your business processes and client relationships is critical.

There are 7 compelling reasons why you should pay attention to your business legals and take them back from the fairies!

  1. Your client contracts and business legals are POWERFUL BUSINESS TOOLS
  2. By paying attention to your agreements and business legals you are investigating how you work, how your processes are playing out – Proactively improving and developing YOUR gig!
  3. By paying attention to your processes YOU get to decide if you really like the way your processes are working. Do they align with WHO YOU and HOW YOU want to feel about your business as it grows – Stay true to your VALUES and stand in your own TRUTH
  4. Your business legals and client contracts EDUCATE your clients, suppliers and collaborators about who YOU are and how you do business. They understand what happens in the course of going business with you how you handle STUFF. They allow you to be  TRANSPARENT and CLEAR and ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL CLIENT.
  6. Business Legals mean LESS refunds, cancellations and disputes and MORE PROFIT and GROWTH
  7. You are PROACTIVELY managing YOUR business.

Lots of love,


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