Digital Marketing Contract Checklist

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When venturing into affiliate marketing, navigating the legal landscape with confidence is crucial. That’s where my ‘Working Effectively with Affiliates’ checklist, comes in.

This comprehensive checklist is designed to guide you through the essential business and legal considerations, to help ensure your affiliate relationships are both productive and compliant. From establishing clear contractual agreements to understanding the nuances of intellectual property rights, this free resource equips you with the knowledge needed to foster successful and legally sound partnerships. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, downloading this checklist is a step towards safeguarding your business and maximising the benefits of affiliate marketing.

Drawn from questions I ask my clients when I’m writing their affiliate agreements, the questions in this free checklist will help you examine how you want to work, what you need, and what you stand for so you can create an agreement as wonderful as your business.

If you’d rather have Shalini create your Affiliate Agreement, we’re more than ready to make that happen. Just get in touch, and watch your business flourish with a rock-solid Affiliate Agreement in place. 🤝✨