Why Yoga Teachers Require Website Policies

Recently I had a conversation with a Yoga Teacher who provided classes at her studio. She really had her mind set on a few things:

“I don’t need to have Terms of Use, a  Disclaimer or a Privacy Policy on my website because I am not providing any health advice or information on my website that could cause harm, unless telling people “Yoga is good for them” is considered health information”.

“I have had a look at a couple of yoga websites and 2 out of 6 had website policies.”

The fact that only 2 websites had policies, identifies that 4 of those sites and businesses are running the risk of being placed in a rather sticky situation.

Yoga is actually classified as health and wellness therapy. Any information on your website about Yoga and its effects on your physical and mental health is considered to be health advice, even if you are praising the benefits of it.

The reasons why yoga teachers and therapists require Website Terms of Use, Disclaimers and Privacy Policies are:

1. Showcasing Benefits Of Your Yoga Program

Invariably on your website, you will be providing information and graphics about the benefits of your yoga program, practice or modality.  Any advice relating to yoga is health-related i.e. it may affect physical or mental well-being.

Your glowing website content on the benefits of certain asanas, with supporting images demonstrating these beautiful movements, are provided for general advice, however, you need to let your website visitors know that too, in a disclaimer, and that this information is not individual advice tailored for your health profile.

2. Sharing Documents in Exchange for Contact Details

Your website is likely to be your primary tool for growing your list.  You are most likely offering website visitors an opt-in to your newsletter, or to a special offer such as a meditation download or tip sheet in exchange for personal information, such as their email address or phone number.

This collection of personal information requires that you state clearly in your Privacy Policy how you intend to manage this information.

Have you thought about how you manage the safekeeping of the website visitor’s information?

3. Collection and Protection of Data

In most states in Australia, the Privacy Act (Cth) puts a higher and tighter requirement for management of client information on health and allied health practitioners. This is due to the fact that you are likely to be collecting health information from your visitors.

You may be collecting information via a survey, or via your online booking process for the purchase of a bundle of yoga lessons, or maybe a private online session.

Your intake form (and you should have one!)  will ask health questions.  It is critical that your website Privacy Policy states how this information is managed and protected by you, and that your policy is in line with the Privacy Act requirements.

4. The Rules of Engagement

How do you want people to interact with your beautiful website?

Do you want your amazing resources downloaded for any old use or for personal use only?

Is your website suitable for any age?

Are you selling any products on your website such as yoga mats, meditations, courses, programs or individual sessions?

Your website terms of use, e-commerce policy or your program terms and conditions, will address these critical matters and educate your client on how you wish to run your business.

5. Your Website is An Extension of Your Professionalism

If you see other yoga-related websites without website policies, don’t assume that they are in the right and are applying best practice in your industry.

A website without appropriate policies is not a professional website and importantly your business is unprotected as you have no control over visitor interaction. Additionally, potential clients have no direction or education about the ground rules when visiting your website. You need these to be crystal clear.

You most likely have a few questions about your business and your website policies, so please book in a free consultation.

Website policies are important to your yoga business, so if you have more complex concerns you might prefer a $97 Power Session.

Shalini XX